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Social Empires: Hack Cash With Cheat Engine

Cheat+Social+Empires+Cash using cheat engine

Social Empires: Hack Cash With Cheat Engine - You can Get Cash easily when using this Cheat. it still works. Social Empires: Hack Cash With Cheat Engine new ways n' Update 06 April 2013. Here there are 2 Cheat, The first Cheat is the latest Cheat, and the second is the old cheat. but they can still be used. Update Video Tutorials.

Tools :
  • Cheat Engine 6.1 or Cheat Engine 6.2
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Your Social Empires are at least Level 15 and for Cash 0

Tutorial New :
  1. Download and Install Cheat Engine.
  2. Open Social Empires on Facebook.
  3. Open Cheat Engine and Select Proccess to Open then select [chrome.exe for Google Chrome] or [FlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe for Mozilla Firefox].
  4. Change value Type from "4 Bytes" to "Array of Bytes".
  5. Back to Social Empires and Click World then select Tourney.
  6. In Tournament Arena, you select the friends Tourn, then you select THE BEST [But Do Not Click OK].
  7. Back to Cheat Engine then click first Scan For This Code : 67 6F 6C 64
  8. Select All Addresses Obtained, and Lower its or input the Address into Address List.
  9. Then change all The Code or Address with this code : 63 61 73 68
  10. Back to Social Empires, Then click OK.
  11. Then there will be an Error on your Social Empires.
  12. Reload Social Empires, Go Back into the Tourney and click Cancel.
  13. See Your Cash.
  14. Repeat this process until the amount of Cash which you want fulfilled.
  15. You Need Video Tutorial ?? Click Here
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